Updated 09/11/16


    2016 Year End Points are current to the July 14-17 show
      minus the Midsummer Fling which has not been included yet.

    Download the [Entry Form] for the WCHA AQHA special event
      halter. Stalls are $110 for the AQHA special event if entered
      before the show. Ranch Horse has until September 10 to enter.
      Additional forms for the September 23-24 WCHA Show can be
      found on the Show Calendar. For additional information visit the
      WCHA website

    Anyone that would like to run for Officer or District
      Representative on the ILQHA Board please contact Barb Gibson
      October 1st at 217.649.5551 or mightyhighassett@yahoo.com

    September 23-24 WCHA showbill has been added


Saddles will be awarded to the
Year End All Around Youth & Year End All Around Amateur

Thank you to the 2016 Directory advertisers
from Barb Gibson and Kay Miller